Chatbot benefits

6 benefits of using chatbots – check what your company can gains

What benefits can a chatbot bring you? Customer service, engagement, savings and much more – chatbots are here. Technology not only for large companies, but a service a small company can only gain from. Check out the 6 benefits of chatbots!

The popularity of chatbots is growing. Both large and small companies are paying more attention to this technology. They search to find solutions to their problems and new approaches to communicate with their customers. Below are six of the most shared benefits of using a chatbot.

1. Customer Service

Chatbots benefits

Survey results indicate that depending on the type of business, 40% to 80% of online shoppers need support when making a purchase. When using a chatbot, the time of the day does not matter. The customer will always be able to receive information about your products, delivery costs as well in matters related to returns. The interaction will be immediate – the customer will be able to make contact at any time, unlike in the case of a helpline or email.

2. Customer engagement

chatbots benefits

Companies that care about customer engagement in their brand are already trying to use chatbots for this very reason. It enables the creation of another stimulus, which not only attracts customers but also increases their experience, which, in addition, will preserve the brand’s image. As you can imagine, your bot will have the functionality to provide customers with news or useful information related to the industry. This, in a very discreet way, will strengthen the relationship you have with your customers.

3. Savings

chatbots benefits

A chatbot is an ideal solution to optimise customer service costs. A chatbot can serve many customers at once, is available without interruption and eliminates the need for queues. There is more to it than only service – if you want to send information about promotions, sales or competition using a bot, this can be achieved very easily and free of charge. Implementation of a chatbot is fast and much cheaper than creating applications or mailing systems.

4. Creating customers base

chatbots benefits

In addition, one of the strengths of chatbots is their ability to create customer bases. By means of short questions and choices made by the customer, we can collect information enabling the personalisation of messages and offers. It should be remembered that the bot operates constantly, so it’s only a matter of time until you acquire a large customer base on which you will be able to carry out planned marketing campaigns.

5. Chatbot and Messenger

chatbots benefits

Currently, Messenger is the most commonly used messaging application. Data that currently flows between various websites clearly indicates that smartphone users only downloading the most important applications – Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp… Creating new applications and trying to engage users to download them is both time-consuming and very expensive. Linking a bot to one of the popular platforms is essentially instant access to many thousands of potential customers who do not have to download anything in order to start communicating with you.

6. Chatbot technology

chatbots benefits

Chatbots are set to be further developed technologically. We expect tech giants to continually inform the world about the effectiveness of artificial intelligence and its use in applications such as bots. The very technology on which chatbots are created will also be updated and offer far wider possibilities. Businesses will be able to better identify their needs, which will affect the adaptation of solutions in order to feel the real benefits of their use.